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Welcome to Buying and Selling Antiques

Welcome to our site on Buying and Selling Antiques. We are sharing our knowledge that  we have gained in our twenty-five plus years in the antiques business. We hope you enjoy the site and find the information you were seeking. I will give helpful hints to dealers or those considering becoming antique dealers as well as all of those who just love antiques and sometimes buy tehm.

We have been mall dealers, show dealers, store owners, and flea market dealers. We also owned our own refinishing shop for many years. We have  sold online on eBay as well as other antique sites. We have bought and sold at antique auctions. Starting in 1991 we began importing our own containers from England. Then we started taking other people on antique buying trips to England 3-4 times a year. So we have a lot of experience in all facets of the antique business.

New information will be added on a regular basis. Our goal is to give as much helpful information as we can to both buyers and sellers of antiques as well as just bringing you the latest in antiques on TV and the news. Hopefully we will become your “go to” site for everything to do with antiques. Let us know if there is something you want us to cover.

If you click on one of the categories below or to the right, you will be taken to that category page. You will find a live link to any article at the end of the description and also at the bottom of the page. Thanks for coming to our site on Buying and Selling Antiques.

43 Responses to “Welcome to Buying and Selling Antiques”

  1. Nicole says:

    I have made a facebook group for antique buyers and sellers. Anything over $100 requires an appraisal to be presented to the buyer at or before the time of purchase. I believe this will help to unite people who share my same interest and love for the “things of old”. Everyone has a facebook these days :)

  2. I have an antique organ from 1876 with the original receipt I would like a price on it you could contact me at home number 1418 788 3382

    • Chuck says:

      I have never had much luck with antique organs, even though many of them are beautiful. There is just not much demand for them. I hope you have better luck with yours.

  3. Ledua Takali says:

    I’ve found a food tray from a thrift store. …l just wanted to know it’s an antique or not …and also I’ve got pictures

    • Chuck says:

      Usually the older ones have a date on them. It is usually tiny inside a line going around the tray. That is if we are on the same page by your description of “food tray.”

  4. Kaitlyn says:

    My husband has recently purchased an old cotton mill that they are going to renovate. It was built in early 1900s and there are tons of light fixtures, doors, and other antiques that will be replaced. Was wondering if you could help point me in the right direction as to how I should go about selling them. It’s a 600,000 sq ft building so that means lots of goodies that we are going to need to find homes for.

  5. Edis Cokrlija says:

    I have American Waltham pocket watch from 1888, would like to sell it

  6. Evelyn Casas says:

    I have an antique dresser it has wheels. I want to sell it but have no clue where to sell it need to get rid of this dresser asap

  7. Kenny says:

    I have the number 5separator 80yrs old or older

  8. Luis says:

    Have an antique Sony stereo walkman with its original leather case as well !!! In excellent condition need gone today !! Email me asap @ !! Have plenty of pictures .

  9. Scott Faye says:

    I have some art, two 1930′s Moroccan brass/bronze finush lamp shades and a few other items I would love to sell.

  10. sham says:

    I have real antique books if anybody want then mail me

  11. saeed says:

    I have 12plate Rosenthal Bavaria antiques in 1929 you can not find others.
    The plates has been disined by gold
    Special for collectioner

  12. Charity Graham says:

    I have an old Indian porclin doll. It is worth over 400 dollars and I am only asking for 100. Email me if you want to know more.

  13. Reginald Polk says:

    I have an old sewing machine white rotary builds in the wooden case wanted to know is it worth anything..

  14. rizwan says:

    I have 1915′s marien binocular any one intrested mail me..

  15. Trevor king says:

    I have a pair of 1933 license plates in excellent condition still have some of the dried rotted plastic on em they been wrapped up in a new paper. Never been put on a car. Are yall interested in anything like that?

  16. Ali says:

    Hi . I have real gandara if interested mail

  17. Kasey says:

    I have a Vincent’s powder dispenser Just trying to find out anything about it and its value

  18. Waylon Miller says:

    I have an antique baby pram stroller trying to find out if it’s worth anything??

    • Chuck says:

      There are a lot of those around. We haven’t had or sold one in quite a while. Most people want modern ones for their babie, but some doll collectors like having an old one for displaying their dolls.

  19. Anita Guilford says:

    I have a vintage washboard from Columbus Washboard Co No.2080 excellent condition

  20. Connie Parrish says:

    I have a post card given to me by Sammy David Jr. Back in 1947 with a picture of him and Sonny and Will, they were the Will Masterson trio. For sale pls contact me at

  21. Carmen Demourelle says:

    I have some old antiques wine bottles I would to sell. I need to be connected to people’s who love antiques.

  22. Darla Thole says:

    I have a rattan couch with the original cushions that I believe to be made by Paul frankl . There’s also a matching chair and one that doesn’t match, I’m unsure of the origin of the one that doesn’t match but they do have metal plates on them. The couch has 6 bands and is a TRUE pretzel shape on the ends and is separate pieces versus one whole piece.
    I also have some rattan barstools that I’m unsure about. 5 Danish sitting chairs that have a lot of the original seat and backing straps and the wood on each chair is is very good to good condition. I’ve saw some that sold, after refurbishing, online for $534 each.
    I also have a metal framed canvas, foldable reclined lounge chair. I have yet to find anything like it during any of my explorations on the web.
    I also have some flatware that is being sold for 25 to $75 per piece that is made of pewter, stainless, and fish bone. I also have a bunch of vintage dishes. The amount of items I have is to overwhelming to photograph and post on some of the popular sales sites.
    I’m in a real financial predicament and I badly need to sell ALL OF THESE ITEMS ASAP without getting taken advantage of. I forgot to mention the various Barbie, g.I. Joe, star wars, star trek, tmnt, beanie babies, etc etc toys I also have for sale.
    Is there reputable dealer that is relatively close to the panhandle of Florida that would come make a house call?

  23. maria says:

    I have a table chairs and China cabinet that all Mach about 60 years old wish I could send pit I would rely love to know the value of these items, all so s a urging table thanks,

  24. Jayla says:

    I have a old Emerson record playing trying to sell if you interested please email me and let me know for more information and pictures

  25. amit says:

    I have a old bowl which have a magical power… the bowl take some piece of rice ..and see after 10sec…the rice has gone..nd burned.any body want it..and also a glass with we see a people without cloth.both are combo…is one hundred thousand rupees only

  26. Kiran says:

    I have 4 indian antique handmade paintings on stamp paper…….n want to sale….i m fom india….
    My cont no…. nine four two six seven six three three one zero

  27. Rob says:

    Hello – first time on the site and thinking of making my first purchase!

    Looking at these solid brass and copper chess pieces with no board. Apparentlt hand crafted in india and from the early 1900s. Any idea on if something like that would be rare?

  28. Cindy says:

    I have the following…looking for values if any: Thomas Edison phonograph and cylinder records, silver tone radio, old singer sewing machine, tobacco table. TIA

  29. terry crane says:

    I have a brayton international lounge set retro soon

  30. Ismail khan says:

    I have sword of dated 1368 belongs to a king or some very notable personality of that time if some body is intersted plz contact

  31. Jay says:

    IHi my name s jay. I want to sell my oldstamps if ur interested means contact me my number s 08747873332… Sir m wating for ur call… M having 1450 stamp from different ccounty.. Take care sir

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